Double your fence’s lifespan

The main weakness of timber fence posts is that they are susceptible to rotting at ground level.  We often have to repair entire fence lines which have collapsed as a result of one or two posts rotting just above the concrete plug.  With regular treatment this process is drawn out but inevitably wooden posts will rot and 99% of the time, only at ground level.

Hardman and Oakley Fencing are suppliers of a brilliant innovative product called the Postsaver which is a bitumen cover fitted around the post at ground level.  These covers are very cheap to buy and only add £5 to the cost of each post including fitting.  They will typically DOUBLE the lifespan of a timber fence.

Take a look at for product details.  We carry a sample with us and are happy to show you when we come to quote.


Fence post repairs, Storm Katie


We’ve been doing a lot of these post repairs and adding extra posts over the last week thanks to #stormkatie.

The majority of timber fence posts rot through and snap at the point where the post enters the ground because of incorrect previous installation.  When the concrete plug is not shaped correctly or sits below the soil surface, rain water collects around the timber and causes it to fail.  Hardman & Oakley Fencing ensure that the concrete plug is convex in shape to encourage rain water to run away from the timber post to prolong it’s lifespan.